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I augment in-house departments, law practices and
consortiums with increased capacity
and know-h

Close partnering
Flexible engagements
Creative thinking



Ashley Gillespie, Esq.
+1 (212) 804-5719


Financial services

legal advice

and counseling

Financial Transactions

With 22 years of experience at top financial and legal firms in
New York, I can assist your organization with the following needs:

Legal Advice & Counseling

Experienced, solutions-driven, expertise on a range of financial transaction and corporate matters

Drafting and Negotiating

  • Complex and bespoke trading agreements

  • Credit agreements and notes 

  • ISDA master agreements

  • Initial margin (IM) and variation margin (VM) Credit Support Annexes

  • Repurchase agreements (MRAs, GMRAs)

  • OTC swap and futures clearing agreements 

  • Repo clearing agreements & sponsored repo annexes 

  • Listed options agreements 

  • Custodian agreements 

  • Master Securities Forward Transaction Agreements (MSFTAs)

  • Master Securities Loan Agreements (MSLAs) 

  • Long-form confirmations 

  • Master confirmation agreements (MCAs)

  • Spot (FX) agreements

  • Cleared Derivatives Execution Agreements (CDEAs)

  • Prime brokerage agreements (PB)

  • Investment management agreements (IMAs)

  • Term sheets

  • Prospectuses and offering memorandums

  • NDAs / confidentiality agreements

  • Netting agreements

  • Side letters

  • Guarantees

Regulatory Compliance & Project Management

  • ISDA Protocols

  • Dodd-Frank & EMIR regulations

  • CFTC, SEC, FINRA and Federal Reserve rule-making

  • Input on ISDA, SIFMA and FIA working group drafting

  • KYC / AML / due diligence compliance

  • Workouts and conflict resolutions

  • Internal process management and improvements

  • Policies & procedures manuals

  • Playbooks, training guides and checklists

“Having advised on and managed complex deals for over a decade and a half inside one of the world’s premier financial services firms, I know what matters most.  I founded
Gillespie Law Firm to provide sophisticated legal services to a select number of clients who require a high level of dedicated support and partnering."

Product Experience

Interest rate derivatives

Equity derivatives
Listed and OTC options
FX forwards

Cryptocurrency swaps
Futures & cleared OTC derivatives
Derivatives-linked notes and securities

Cryptocurrency futures

Commodity swaps
Total return swaps (TRS)
Credit derivatives
Agency / TBA MBS
Repo and repo clearing

Stock loans

Prime brokerage
Loans and credit facilities
Asset-backed securitizations
Collateralized loan obligations
Synthetic tranches & repacks
Residential mortgage-backed securities
Commercial mortgage-backed securities 

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